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Meet the Winemakers
Claude & Claudia Gahard

   Claude and Claudia Gahard began making wine twenty eight years ago in Walla Walla, long before the massive vineyards took over the apple orchards and wheat fields. Claude was flying for Cascade Airways and Claudia worked for Safeway. Their first attempts at making wine from the gleaned fields of concords were smashing failures. But they kept trying and soon friends were stopping by to sample their newest wines.

Shortly after that, Claude went to work for Continental Airlines so they moved back to the Seattle area. Claude grew up in France and likes dry wines, but Claudia grew up in Renton and prefers the sweeter wines. They continued making wines from anything they had too much of or from kits.

In 1992, they moved to the Key Peninsula. When Claudia complained because the trees made their house too dark, they decided to clear two hills of trees and plant grapes. The winery idea grew like Topsy. Claudia says that sometimes she feels like they are puppets on strings and someone else is in charge of the winery while they are just doing what they are told!

Now they have about five acres in grapes. For the grapes that don't grow well here, they buy bulk grapes from Paul Burgess in Eastern Washington. All the wines are made from fresh fruit processed in their enormous wine cellar.

Claude, being French, prefers the rich reds as in Syrah and Pinot Noir. And so it is that these two people from totally different backgrounds and totally different tastes in wine got together and created Trillium Creek Winery. They make wines to suit almost every taste. They are continually amazed at how the same wine can taste totally different to different people.

Each of these bins holds 1000 pounds of Syrah grapes from Pasco.

Wine tasting at Trillium Creek Winery.

The wines of Trillium Creek Winery.

Claude, in hog heaven.

Summer grapes, coming along.

Pressing the Merlot.

Claude in the Tasting Room. Cheers!

The "Crush" Gang.


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